DevBlog #15 – Post early access

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally got some time to write a blog post for Shimmer following it’s early access release at the beginning of the month!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has played the game so far and for all of the feedback that has been received.

This blog post is going to focus on the changes that have been introduced since the last update:

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DevBlog #14 – Gearing up for early access release

It’s been over a month since Shimmer’s last blog post so there is plenty to update everyone on!

The reason for the delay has mainly been due to conducting a series of  pre-release tests and feedback and then implementing the necessary features from that feedback.

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DevBlog #12 – Shimmer on Steam, Raft improvements, UI icons


Welcome back to our latest blog post – number 12! So what’s been going on since the last blog post?

Shimmer’s coming soon page is now on Steam! It’s taken a hard 11 month’s of work and determination to get to this point with a ton of stumbling blocks and lots of learning but it feels like a huge milestone has been completed – now for the final push before releasing into early access!

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