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Welcome to our Press Kit

Game name: Shimmer

What is Shimmer?: A hardcore desert island survival game

Developer: Zatara Software

Release Platforms: Steam Early Access

Operating Systems: Windows (PC)

Release Date: Q4 2018


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Twitter: @shimmergame


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Long Description:

Shimmer is a desert island survival game set on a number of fictional island. Your task is to survive whatever the islands throw at you, lack of food, thirst, the dangers that lurk in the waters and the natural elements!

I wanted to create something that gives players a hardcore survival challenge but at the same time something a little different. I am a firm believer that games are one of the best forms of ‘escapism’, a way to shut off from the real-world. So along with the survival elements you will also have the ability to create a new home for yourself on your island!

The challenge is not just one of escape but trying to make a new life for yourself, living off the islands resources and building your own home.