DevBlog #11 – The first trailer, Steam and some visual tweaks.

So this weeks blog post is quite an important one for Shimmer. We finally have a first trailer for the game!

Along with this we are also one step closer to our ‘Coming Soon’ page on Steam, which in theory should be live within the next 10 days.

Check out the trailer below and leave a comment – feedback is really important, if you don’t like it I would like to know why, so I can fix it!


There were also a couple of new UI icon for the bonfire and message in a bottle completed this week. The bonfire will be part of the end-game and used to try and signal a rescue ship. The Message in a bottle will be to provide something of interest to try and find around the islands. Check it out below:


2 BonfireNight 256

Message in a bottle:

Messageinbottle icon 1

Tweaks to ocean colour:

I also decided that the colour for sunsets on the water surface needed a little tweaking. This has now been made a little ‘Warmer’ with an increase in the orange as well as with some tweaking to the vibrance of the camera post processing this has produced a much more pleasing effect.


Improving Ambience:

A lot of work has gone into the Steam page and what I deem the ‘admin’ side of things this last few weeks but I did get some time here and there to work on different areas of the game. One of these was the addition of new spawnable firefly locations on different islands.

These will spawn at night between certain areas and add a nice touch to the night scenery:


I have a list of items to from the first alpha testers that needs some attention so my focus will be on that for the next couple of weeks.

After that I have a few game mechanics to smooth over and work on the in game sound FX.

See you next time!




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