DevBlog #10 – Collecting Water, Drying Racks and Spoiling Fish.


I’ll start this DevBlog by announcing that the Steam store page is currently in the works! I was finally able to overcome the issues I was having and we are one step closer to getting the ‘coming soon’ page live. The plan is to get the store page up around the first week of July with the early access release is looking to be in the week commencing 20th August 2018.

A collection of Steam Artwork below:



Page Background

Now on to what the changes since the last DevBlog.

Collecting Water:

After play testing the game some more it’s pretty clear that there was a lack of water and ways to get water in game. I added in the planned ‘Water Pools’ but I also added in some smaller ‘Coconut Water Collectors’. These require few ingredients to craft and can collect small amounts of water for your base. These will also require additional artwork for the coconut shell ingredient (currently in the works) but the model is already in-game:

Coconut Water Collector:


Water Pools:


Drying Racks:

In order to increase immersion I also decided to add new types of fish. Dried and Spoilt. If you manage to catch some fresh fish it will after a period of time spoil and become inedible. A way to increase the length of time that the fish doesn’t spoil is to cook it on a campfire or even better dry it on a drying rack. By using a drying rack your fish will not spoil.

Drying Rack:


Spoilt Uncooked Fish:

2. Fish uncooked spoilt 256х256

Spoilt Cooked Fish:

1. Fish cooked spoilt 256х256


Dried Fish:

1. Fish smoked 256х256


Small Tweaks:

Since the last Dev Blog I’ve also been focusing on doing more and more testing and making some changes to the game world.

The first was the addition new bushes to add some more foliage to the ground around the islands.

I also decided to increase the density of trees on a lot of the islands and move the tree line slightly closer to the shoreline.

The bonfire model is also completed. UI icon in the works as well as a decision on how this will work to attract possible rescue ships? Stay tuned for more…

Bonfire at night:



The focus until the end of July is play testing and getting some valuable feedback from the very first Alpha testers as well as producing the video clips for the very first Trailer!

The audio track is already in the works and hopefully I you will be able to see the trailer with the new Steam page in early July!

Until next time…



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