DevBlog #8 Fish Traps, UI, Fog, Effects.


I know it’s only been less than a week since I posted the last blog post but there has been a lot of progress in this short time period!

I’m going to be away from my computer over the weekend so I thought I would put together a little summary of this weeks work for you all to enjoy!

Fish Traps:

Fish traps are now fully functioning and working with the new ocean system. They can be crafted from vines and wood and will allow you to ‘set and forget’ your fishing needs!

Place one in the ocean and after a certain (and random) amount of time you may catch a fish.



I made a small change to the UI system by adding in a notification panel that will pop up and display a message before fading away. For now this is used to detect if you caught anything in the fish trap but it can be used for almost any notification. The logic is simple but it also means I now have the very basic start of the in-game achievement system which I will be adding following the Steam launch.


Fog is used in the underwater system as well as being used above water; however, this was causing issues with night time being far too ‘bright’ from the rendering colour of the fog. I created a simple script that reduces the level of fog during the night and then increases it again at sunrise. Simple but works a treat!


New splash effects are now in place for spear throwing into water



There was an issue in the crafting system when burning wood in a campfire. This now seems to have been resolved and is functioning correctly during my tests.

More fish:

Along with adding a couple more areas for ‘huntable’ fish to spawn I also went ahead and added some more ‘ambient’ ocean fish as well as a turtle!. No screenshots at the moment for these but follow me on Twitter and I shall be posting some next week!

See you next time!

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