DevBlog #7 – Oceans, Improved textures and bug hunting.

Happy bank holiday!

I’ll start by saying there has been no further news on the steam page progress! Unfortunately, the IRS are still yet to update their database which is holding things up on the review process.

It’s been quite a gap between last month’s blog post and there has been plenty of progress although it feels like most of my time has been spent on the save game system!


Saving is now fully implemented! Although I have not had an opportunity to test it on multiple platforms, that will happen over the next few weeks.


If you have been following Shimmer on Twitter you will know that the ocean system was changed to introduce real waves! I was testing a new system to see if it could replace the old one and I am happy to say with a bit of pushing and prodding it’s much much better than the old system.

Check out some in-game shots!




Some more work on the island details (mainly textures) was also completed. New sand textures and island detail was implemented. I still feel the islands need a bit more interest adding to them so I will be focusing on that throughout May.




Underwater areas, ocean floor detail and more areas to explore have also been added. Here is a quick snap of some ‘rock pool’ areas close to shore. Currently I have added a few spawn areas for ‘huntable’ fish but I will be adding some smaller fish to add to the ambience of the ocean areas.


Bug fixes:

I also spent a fair amount of time hunting down some rather annoying bugs in the item placement system and crafting system. I am happy to say I fixed the placement system bug and have found out what is causing the crafting issue (fix in progress).

Next time:

Progress has been a little slower than I would have liked the last 3-4 weeks due to a number of ‘external’ commitments. I am also still waiting on the Steam review process and the IRS before the Steam page can go live. In the meantime I have also begun sketching out the first ‘Trailer’ video for the Steam page. I may have something to show by the next blog post so stay tuned!

I didn’t get around to adding in effects I wanted so the following list is the planned content for the next 3-4 weeks. We are getting closer and closer to the first ‘human testable’ version 🙂

  • Effects
  • Ocean Ambience
  • Improvements to stats system difficulty
  • Death mechanics
  • Extra menus for crafting





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