DevBlog #6 – Saving, Sharks, UI and clearing out the deadwood.

Happy Friday everyone!!

It seem’s like time has really flown by since the last blog post. Day’s seem to be merging into each other. There’s been one big set-back but I’m happy to say there’s also been a huge milestone for Shimmer!

So first, the setback:

I was aiming to have Shimmer’s ‘coming soon’ page up on Steam by mid-April; with a small release of early Beta keys to get some much needed feedback BUT due to an error by the IRS department, this stage has to be pushed back by at least 30 day’s. It also means that my plan’s to launch into early access before the Steam summer sale looks a lot less likely; therefore, I now expect early access release to happen in July 2018.

One positive from this is it will give me a little more time to get some initial feedback. If you are an avid gamer and you are interested in testing the game to provide some brutally honest and open feedback, I want to hear from you!! I will be looking at sending out a test Unity build to a small number of people by the end of April 2018.

The huge milestone:

Saving is now possible!

It may seem like the most basic and simple of tasks for a game to have but as with most things in life, what seems simple on the surface has many different complexities when you actually begin to dig deeper.

I wanted a solution that would allow me to save pretty much any element of a players game but at the same time be as update proof as possible. I have now implemented the foundations for that system and this weekend will be spent building on the elements that a player can save and load within Shimmer. One step closer…


I finally managed to get a good amount of coding and testing time with sharks this week. Shark’s are now not quite as stupid and have generally stopped trying to swim to the underworld.

They now also detect a swimming player, will approach and try to bite them before swimming off and coming back to have another go at finishing you off! Basically if your near a shark, swim as fast as you can!



I decided to change the UI, again! Menu’s now match the inventory style which has a much cleaner and simple feel to it. This has been matched in the start menu and the in-game menu.


Clearing out the deadwood:

I spent a bit of time going over the unity project and clearing out a load of unused assets and files. It’s amazing what build’s up in a unity project during the development of a game and it should help to keep the project as streamlined as possible.

New UI Icons:





Storage Box:

Storage Box



Fishing Pot:

Fishing Pot

Rum Bottle:

Rum Bottle


New start menu:

I also had some time to work on a new start menu. This one I am fairly happy with!



Next week:

  • Focus on completing the save game system
  • Underwater environment improvements
  • Effects to various game elements
  • Sounds for islands and oceans

Thanks for reading and remember to bookmark the blog and follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with development.

If you are an avid gamer or developer I want to hear from you! A limited number of unity build’s are going to be given out for testing and feedback towards the end of April, so reach out if you are interested in becoming an early tester!!









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