DevBlog #5 – Swimming, Animations, Crabs and Graphic Settings.

Hi everyone!

So it’s been a little over 2 weeks since the last blog post and there has been plenty of progress to share. So with out further ado….


I managed to really get a could amount of time to focus on the swimming over the last two weeks. The swimming hadn’t been quite right from the beginning and as it will be something your player will be doing a lot of, I thought it would be best to get it right!

Now the player swims freely underwater (a bit like flying but you have to hold your breath). I also managed to get in some new swimming animations for the new first person hands and I am fairly happy with the first round of animations. I still want to tweak a couple of thing’s but it performs well for the time being and should make exploring underwater a little more enjoyable!


So I also along with the swimming animation, I managed to integrate two new models and animations for holding a torch, spear and knife:

Torch model:



Knife model:


I also implemented the necessary animations for spear throwing.


I also worked on getting the crabs into the game following the addition of the UI icons. The crab model made it’s way onto the island along with animations and the AI movement.

I also implemented the logic for throwing a spear at a crab along with the collecting of crab meat.


Fishing Trap:

The fishing trap was also added to the game. The logic for actually catching fish is still to be completed but will hopefully be included in next weeks blog.


I also worked on some new UI graphics to get a more ‘grunge’ looking effect, which I think is a big improvement on the previous UI:



The grunge effect also made it’s way onto the new settings panel:


This was integrated into the main game and on the start menu. Now players can alter the above graphic settings during or before they start a new game.

I plan to add a few more settings for players to be able to tweak. I also made a couple of small changes to the water shader to optimise and increase performance when viewing over large distances.

Hidden Shipwrecks and Easter eggs:

Somewhere amongst the island chains lies the remain of an old pirate ship to discover. I won’t be revealing it’s location but there may be some clues hidden on the islands:


I also threw in a small hidden ‘easter egg’ for players to find. A little shout-out to one of my favourite desert island series of all time! 🙂

Oh and lastly I also added in a new volumetric lighting solution. I did previously test a few different options but none of them gave the performance and visuals that I wanted.


Shark AI:

Yes I did actually manage to get some shark AI improvements done 🙂 Sharks are now a bit smarter in detecting the terrain, although they do still have some issues with spinning around on occasions!

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to look at implementing a save game system, making improvements to the underwater world, improving and testing the resource spawning, adding a couple more craft-ables as well as some new UI icons. I’m also in the process of waiting for my publisher account on Steam to be verified and once that happens I will get the store page up and running along with sending out a few beta keys to lucky folks to test the game!

See you next time and remember to book mark this blog to keep up with developments as well as following me on Twitter.








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