DevBlog #4 – Farming + New Icons

Ok so first of all I have to say that I might have got a little carried away with farming this week 🙂 Sorry!

My intentions were to continue work on the shark AI and although I did manage to add in some more behaviour, i’m still not that happy with it and more work will be needed.

So what did I get done since the last DevBlog? Farming!


Farming was originally something that I wanted to get added following the early access release; however, after thinking about the core content of the game, I decided adding farming was needed pre early access.

So how does farming work? 

The first thing that a player must do is collect soil, this will be a fairly rare thing to find in-game so make sure you keep it when you do find it! Once a player has some soil in their inventory they can place this down where they want to start their own mini-farm!

Along with soil a player will also need to craft and place the water collector. This will collect rain water and also have the ability for a player to use it to store water.

Plants will only grow if they are within the radius of the water collector and when the water collector has some water in it. As plant’s grow they will use up the water in the collector, so it’s vital to keep it topped up with some fresh water!

The Water Collector:


Currently players are able to plant the following plants:

  • Potato Plant
  • Coffee Plant

The potato plant allows you to harvest potatoes as a food source and coffee plants allow you to harvest coffee beans. Coffee beans are used to increase your stats for swimming underwater so you can reach greater depths!

Over the course of next week I will also be looking at adding in Hemp plants which will produce hemp for use in crafting bandages.

New UI Icons:

Three new UI icons made their way into the game this week:

Crab Uncooked:

1. Crab Meat Uncooked

Crab Cooked:

1. Crab Meat Cooked

Coffee Beans:

2. Coffee Beans

I also completely removed the old player model and animations. I was not happy with the behaviour and the considering future developments, I took some time to introduce some new first person hands!

I really needed to get these implemented first before I could fully finish the initial shark AI so that the shark has something to bite off! 🙂

Hands in-game:


Next time on the blog:

With the arrival of the new UI icons, I will be looking at adding a new creature to the game – Crabs!

You will be able to hunt crabs by throwing spears at them. I will also integrate their cooking behaviour so if you are lucky enough to catch one they will provide a tasty meal once cooked!

I will also be focusing on completing some more first person animations, mainly for:

  • Carrying a spear
  • Throwing a spear
  • Swimming
  • Picking up items

I also promise to focus as hard as I can on shark AI to ensure no player is safe when entering the water.

If I manage to get some time, I will also begin tweaking the swimming system as right now it works but it is not exactly how I want it. This should also give me the opportunity to refine the swimming handing animations.

Well thank you for reading all of that and if you haven’t already, make sure you follow the progress by bookmarking this page or following me on Twitter!


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