DevBlog #3 – Icons, AI and Post Processing

Hello everyone!

This week’s DevBlog will be going over the progress made over the past week. The ‘Beast from the East’ arrived in the UK this week and it’s made those early mornings even colder, but luckily the heating is still working and progress has continued!

First up is UI icons!

New Shelter UI Icons:

The new shelter UI icons have now been completed. For early access release there will be three ‘tiers’ of buildings that can be built. Each one will give a slightly better benefit in terms of exposure from the elements. They will also be the place where you can save the game.

Basic Shelter

basic_shelter_UI 256х256

Basic Hut

basic_hut_UI 256х256

Advanced Hut:

medium_hut 2 256х256

Shark AI:


Work began this week on improving the sharks ocean swimming and interactions. The shark now has ‘Patrol’ behaviour as well as recognising rafts with players on them. There is still a lot of work to do in terms of making things a little more fluid.

Sharks will randomly patrol the island chains and will attack players in the water if they are too close to the sharks.

Sharks will also detect players on rafts and although won’t be able to directly attack the player, the plan is that sharks will attack the rafts and after so many hits the rafts will be destroyed and the player will then be alone in the water.

There will also be an element of randomness to this so sharks will not attack every single time.

Edible Fish:


I also worked on adding a new fish to the game. The game logic for hunting the fish was already implemented; however, the fish model that I was using was not the most fitting for a tropical scene. The fish will arrive at certain times of the day to certain areas in the island chains. This will allow the player the opportunity to go spear fishing for food.

Underwater Areas:

UnderW Areas

The work on underwater areas has also begun. Currently I have focused on the first layer of texturing and also some ‘Rock Pool’ areas near to islands where edible fish can spawn. There is still a lot of work to be done here to make the rest of the ‘Open’ ocean areas more inviting with some areas of interest for players to explore.

Island Areas:


Some more tweaks to the islands this week. Now resource spawning has been implemented to most islands. Wood, Stones and Coconuts are now all available throughout the game world to help you survive the elements.


Post Processing:

The first pass at post processing was also applied. Although I don’t have an example that I can show today, I have added a small amount of motion blur and tweaked some camera settings to give more depth to the scene. It’s definitely moving in the right direction but will require some more tweaking and feedback.

More work will be completed on this over the next couple of weeks.

Whats next?

Work will continue on the shark AI as well as making some real progress to the underwater zones. I also plan to add a few more graphical settings, bring the settings menu in-game so players can tweak settings whilst playing and also begin the first steps to a save game system.

Thanks for reading and remember to bookmark this site or follow us on social media to keep up to date with news!


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