Devblog #1 – Storms

Hi there!

Just a quick update on the new storms that have been introduced into the game. The game now features dynamic storms, dependant on time of day and day of the week.

In summary:

  • Storms increase can increase in intensity
  • An increase in intensity means more rain and stronger winds
  • Procedural lightning is also produced during storms that has random lightning strikes

A few more tweaks are needed from testing to make sure storms are not too severe or underwhelming.

Check out the video in action here:


Work will continue on introducing the ‘Exposure’ stat which will be impacted by rain and ocean swimming. Once a player moves near to a campfire or under the radius of their shelter, they will see an increase in their ‘Exposure’ stat and if they are in the rain or oceans too long (especially at night) they will suffer more from the ‘Exposure’.

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