The Roadmap

Already  implemented:

  • Inventory system
  • Crafting system
  • Spear Fishing
  • Boar Hunting
  • Swimming
  • Build-able shelters
  • Stats System
  • Dynamic day/night cycle
  • Basic weather
  • Basic animations
  • Sharks
  • Random resource spawning

Q1 2018 – Pre-launch:

Integrate and improve the final pre-launch elements

  • Improve the weather system to include an element of randomness and lightning storms
  • Improve shark AI
  • Integrate an exposure stat for rain and ocean
  • Save game system
  • Ability to store items in crates
  • Improved land and ocean environments (more areas of interest)
  • Integrate collectable medicine resource and bandages
  • Improved swimming
  • Improved spear fishing
  • Sound FX tweaks

Q2 Onwards 2018 – Post Launch:

  • Integrate Farming
  • Integrate Rafts
  • Integrate net/pot fishing
  • Make improvements and further integrations based on community feedback



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