A new game is coming

Hi there!

This is the first of many blog posts providing an update on the development of Shimmer, a new PC game set for release on Steam early access by summer 2018.


Who is the developer?

My name is Stephen Lloyd and I am currently the only developer working on Shimmer. There are plans in the near future (depending upon success of the project) to hire in extra developers, artists and asset creators, but for the time being i’m all on my lonesome! (don’t worry I quite like working alone!).

What is Shimmer?

Shimmer is a desert island survival game set on a number of fictional island. Your task is to survive whatever the islands throw at you, lack of food, thirst, the dangers that lurk in the waters and the natural elements!

I wanted to create something that gives players a hardcore survival challenge but at the same time something a little different. I am a firm believer that games are one of the best forms of ‘escapism’, a way to shut off from the real-world. So along with the survival elements you will also have the ability to create a new home for yourself on your island!

The challenge is not just one of escape but trying to make a new life for yourself, living off the islands resources and building your own home.

Just after sunset on the islandAfterSunset

How big is the game world?

The game world consists of a number of smaller to medium islands. (final count to follow). Originally the idea was to create one large central island surrounded by a few smaller islands; however, after some testing it didn’t really push you as a player to survive as most things could be gathered from the one island. By changing the game world to be made up of smaller islands, the player is now forced to go and explore.

There will however, still be plenty of areas for players to make homes for themselves once all of the planned features are live.

What stage is the game currently at?

The game has currently been in development for around 4 months. A lot of features are already implemented (see road map blog post which will be live shortly for a full list) but there are a number of elements to get into the game before early access release on Steam.

When will Shimmer be available and where can I get it?

The plan is to release the game on Steam’s early access platform, sometime before summer 2018. My initial plan should see release around April 2018; however, bookmark this page or follow Shimmer on Twitter to keep up to date with all news!

Will there be a Beta program?

I have not currently planned for a beta program; however, I will provide details if I do decide to release a beta program.

Thanks for reading the very first blog post… to keep up to date on all of the news, why not connect with Shimmer on social media!


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